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Ferilli Eyewear is an eyewear brand born in 2018 from the idea of ​​the optician and orthoptist from Lecce Cristiano Ferilli.

The brand’s mission is to create accessories using innovative and eco-sustainable materials, with a focus on prickly pear fiber. The glasses are made of Apulian prickly pear fiber, Sikalindi (also material that won the 2013 Oscar Green Award). The dehydrated fiber, supported by support panels in birch wood and then covered in resin, is used to make the frames of the glasses, enriched with olive wood and ebony temples. The result is a unique and authentic material, with veins that give an always different and unrepeatable pattern. The fiber can also have different colors depending on the different conditions of the plant and its exposure to rain, to the wind and sun. The raw material, Sikalindi, is produced in Puglia, precisely in Salento, while the design is made thanks to the support of an eyewear company in Lazio.