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From Forlì, dreams are made by hand and in natural fibers from certified organic farming.

Angela and Ulisse work organic cotton, organic alpine hay, organic spelled and millet husks and other wonders of nature; Anna sews and ships everything to Italy and Europe. A father and two daughters whose surnames are Persians, make pillows, mattresses and bed linen with biological materials rich in therapeutic properties! This small but solid and innovative family business that 20 years ago decided to change its skin with the entry of the latest generation and a new registered trademark “cushion” …
Sleep is a primary need like eating and drinking … would you like to sleep better? Wake up really rested?

Change the way you sleep.

All our products are free of genetic alterations, free of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers for the respect of man, animal, earth and aquifers. Respect for natural resources is a guarantee for us and for our children, a future for everyone.

In the era of globalization, choosing a local, Italian, artisan product, the possibility of continuing the tradition of a trade.

Since 2010 our production chain has been certified according to the GOTS standards:

the global organic textile standard is a technical standard for the certification of organic textiles, supported worldwide by some of the main organizations that promote organic products and eco-sustainable lifestyles in the world.The GOTS certification extends to the production, packaging, labeling, export, import, distribution of textile products obtained from natural fibers produced and certified as organic in accordance with reg. CE 834/2007.