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Our family for 5 generations has been taking care of this farm. The agricultural identity of the area and the gaze always turned to the future has guided us in the choices made over the years, evolving into a multifunctional farm, capable of diversifying the objectives in different goals.

Today we cultivate the land with respect and protection of the environment according to an agroecological approach. With the Aliavventura project, an educational farm, during the summer, we are committed to transmitting the values and traditions of Sicilian agricultural and peasant culture, the importance of genuine food and respect for the environment, to safeguard biodiversity with stays for school-age children from 8 to 13 years old.
During the year you can stay in comfortable and welcoming independent houses from each other, a few meters away from each other, furnished with all comforts in an elegant and familiar ambience.
We are part of the Network of Social Farms in Sicily and develop projects for people’s mental and physical well-being. In addition, we organize parties and events, which we try to make unforgettable, in a unique and special atmosphere. Sicily due to its geographical location, in the center of the Mediterranean and by virtue of its isolation and history, preserves unique ecosystems in the world, 25% of the biodiversity of agricultural interest present in Europe is made up of Sicilian agrobiodiversity as a result of complex processes evolutionary pattern.