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I’m Jennyfer an eco-stylist and founder of the in.jey.dress brand.

With in.Jey.Dress I want to let women into my world, actually, literally, into my shoes. Because every sketch, every idea, every piece of fabric comes from my experience, from my inspirations, and from my uncontrollable enthusiasm that has always guided me on this path day by day. And my creations are for me the best way to explain my point of view on the world, a world that needs to be protected and supported.
In fact, the garments that make up my collections are all made with materials of natural origin and of indisputable and timeless quality in order to be used over time. I also manage a small Venetian tailor’s shop in collaboration with a local social cooperative, which has as its mission the integration of fragile people by giving them an opportunity to work and live.
This is how my brand acquires an ethical and eco-sustainable value.