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Ecodream is an independent sustainable fashion brand, specializing in eco-friendly bags, backpacks and accessories.

Our products are made with various types of recovered and / or recycled materials, production waste and warehouse inventories. All products are eco-sustainable. The proposals include vegan products. The production is handcrafted and is totally made in Italy.

Our brand internalizes the values ​​of sustainable fashion and the fashion revolution movement. For a fashion industry that respects people, the environment, creativity and profit equally. With the aim of having a more ethical and sustainable future.
We are also strongly linked to concepts such as slow fashion and ethical fashion.

Our project stems from the desire to recover at least part of the materials that companies discard.

Our products are made with a whole range of recycled and/or recycled materials: leather scraps, fabric leftovers, synthetic leather leftovers, used air chambers, used PVC posters, used jute bags, etc. All materials which, even if they have not yet lost their potential, are considered as waste.

Our philosophy is to create fashion accessories with what has already been produced.

All the materials we use for our products derive from the use of the residual part of industrial and artisanal production, including tanning. Our goal is to contribute to sustainability by reducing waste and environmental pollution, thanks to a choice “Save the Materials“.