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We have officially operated in the distribution of Organic and Biodegradable Chicza chewing-gum in Italy since 2010 and in Portugal from 2017.

We strongly believe in the revolutionary project of “Rainforest Chicza“. With much work and sacrifice, they were able to create and develop a chewing-gum that is unique in the world and that can be used as an extraordinary example of how you actually do green economy. We knew then and still know that our path is full of pitfalls, but day after day the confidence to have an excellent product that has no competition, has given us the strength to always look forward with positivity.
The slogan of the Chicleros explains in a few words what Chicza represents: “Cada persona que se lleve a la boca una tableta de Chicza en cualquier parte del mundo, estará contribuyendo de manera directa y personal al bienestar de los productores de chicle de las selvas tropicales del sur de México y con ello, a un planeta más verde”.

Chicza comes from the Earth and returns to the Earth!

Basically, it follows the same process of a leaf falling from a tree. Chewing Chicza would lead to a drastic reduction in environmental pollution caused by traditional chewing-gum that takes even 5-6 years to biodegrade in the environment. Chicza is the solution to these problems from both an environmental and economic point of view. We just need to seize the opportunity we are given by our Chicleros friends, an opportunity that we must absolutely grasp!