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From feminine strength, from Mother Nature

Inspired by the elements of nature and by the scents that bring us peace and well-being like the aroma of the forest that makes me feel at home, Ela biocosmetici is born: a concept of natural, therapeutic and vegan products, handmade. Shared natural cosmetology aligned with the processes of conscious consumption, saving ancestral knowledge and enhancing the consumption of natural products which are the care of plants that act on us both from the outside and from the inside as perfumes of the infinite. Concerned with the environmental damage caused by used oil, I found an excellent recycling solution for making soaps. The products are made by me Ela, Brazilian, pharmacist, artisan and always passionate about wellness and alternative health totally vegetable ingredient mostly coming from the Amazon as well as good energy and affection. I do not use products of animal origin believing that nature already offers us everything we need so that we can build a more respectful relationship with living beings and packaging is 100% biodegradable with small attitudes we can make big changes.