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Biodiversity – We believe in what we do
We are a small family-run company, we grow over 400 organic medicinal plants: aromatic, medicinal, wild herbs and ancient varieties for the vegetable garden. Certainly they will be even more or they can change, in fact we are very curious and we are constantly looking for new varieties to be introduced into the nursery and to be tested. All our plants are ICEA certified organic but we go beyond this certificate.

We are not satisfied with organic products – we go further
A medicinal plant is grown to make products for personal care, health and well-being or for preparing dishes in the kitchen. We want to guarantee a quality product and we have decided to treat our plants exclusively with effective micro-organisms, biodynamic products and macerated insecticide plants and to respect their natural cycles without any forcing. We also grow our plants cold; this makes them resistant to temperature changes.

From seed to plant – For a circular economy
All plants are produced in our nursery. We reproduce our new plants using the seeds, cuttings or the division of the head that we get from the mother plant. We also grow some of our plants in the open field in our officinal garden. From these plants we collect the seeds that we self-produce and then use for the new seedlings.