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We are Fair Squared from Cologne and have specialised in the production of consistently fair natural cosmetics.

This includes fair trade relations, ecological responsibility and a consistent no to child labour and animal testing as well as the use of animal products. We are particularly proud of the introduction of our reusable system for all glass containers and that we have also been able to describe ourselves as “as plastic-free as possible” since 2020. Our products are sold stationary via Zero Waste / Bulk stores, Health Food Shops and organic supermarkets.
Our business principles are rooted in transparency, social and environmental acceptability, animal welfare and solidarity with those who are living in less privileged parts of the world. In order to be as transparent as possible, we have begun to team up with internationally renowned label partners right from the beginning. They audit our work processes and supply chains on a regular basis.
FAIR SQUARED production partners are financially independent from FAIR SQUARED Ltd. We negotiate on an equal footing, we treat our partners with respect and communicate in an honest, fair manner. As a result we are able enter long term contracts which enhance more economic justice in international trade.