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I help business and non profit organizations who – directly with their mission or with their value proposition – wants to reduce their impact on the Earth, looking for that harmony from whom we moved away.

My services: I help setting communication strategies looking at all the touch points involved in the customer journey (like website, social media, email, advertising). As Nature teaches to us, we are all part of one big ecosystem, so we have to find the way to live in armony with and within it. So this is what we have to do when building strategies, choosing the right tools and channels while creating the right content for our audience.

Talking about connection, I practice and teach Yoga and Meditation (in the Nature, any time I can). This is the most beautiful and endless journey I have ever started, as every day heps me feeling that there is no separation: between body and soul, individuals and between them and the Nature.

In private life, I am a passionate, creative and imaginative person, loving self-time as well as sharing. My head is often in the clouds but my feet are well-grounded to earth. Sarcasm and self-irony characterize my personality: this is why I do comics. I truly believe in the power of irony, as if used properly it can really convey any kind of topic.

Mountains and nature are my lifeblood: I practice mountaineering and cycling. I am a backpacker and solo (slow) traveler. In my daily life, I do my best to live in a sustainable and low impact way.