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FILI PARI is an innovative Start Up focused on the research and the development of unconventional materials for the textile industry. The company has developed cutting-edge technologies for the enhancement of marble powders, aimed to design new innovative and performing materials.

The Fili Pari womenswear collection of rainwear overturned the traditional idea of outerwear, using a unique mix of innovation, technical performance and fresh and feminine style. Innovative materials are blended with recycled fabrics to create unique and timeless garments. Every item is entirely Made in Italy and combines the passion for research with the typical Italian craftsmanship. The collection confirms the brand’s attention to ethical and responsible fashion.
All the garments are made with MARM \ MORE®, the first and only material in the world that makes marble wearable. MARM \ MORE® is a patented windproof, waterproof and abrasion resistant marble-based fabric, that combines technical performances with unique and aesthetic effects. The MARM \ MORE® coating is coupled with recycled nylon and offers totally natural colors thanks to the type of marble powder used, that replaces up to 50% of synthetic elements into the coating. The philosophy of Fili Pari embraces the values ​​of a circular economy, combining research and innovation to improve the well being of the earth and its people throughout the entire life cycle of the product: transforming waste into opportunities.