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We are a family of travelers

Deb and Fabrìs, passionate about photography and writing, parents of Edoardo, Greta, Jacopo and Margot, an adopted dog. A super curious family about the world.
On our blog and on social networks we promote sustainability both as a lifestyle and as a type of travel.
We love adventures in nature, visiting places where we can come into direct contact with local populations, savoring every aspect, on tiptoe, in the richness of cultural diversity.
We are educating ourselves and our children to live respecting nature, cultural and social diversity, orienting ourselves towards choices that are attentive to the health of the planet which consequently represents our own health.
We are honored to become part of FRIENDS FOR THE EARTH to try to do more and more, to the best of our ability, creating a network with those who believe in our own values.
Through our stories of life, travel and the information we share, we hope to spread awareness and desire to fight for a truly fundamental common good, our Mother Earth.