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Folicello is the name of our organic farm which relies entirely on the naturalness of its products with a true passion for the genuineness and the environment.

We combine traditional methods and innovative tecniques in order to obtain high quality products, without using chemical substances. Doing organic farming is for us a way to work, to observe, to live the land. A philosophy of life in order to appreciate the harmony of a cultivated field, the cycle of seasons and the flow of time. For us it is a return to the old and healthy traditions, it is the appreciation of smells and tastes now forgotten, follow the phases of the moon, respect the ground to get the highest quality products without forcing production. A very special care we dedicate to restore and maintain hedges and copses to offer hospitality to beneficial insects and other natural enemies of pests, and in this way take benefit the soil and products, but also the landscape is vital and naturally varied. The choice of the varieties of our vines is based on the adaptability to the environment and their resistance: they produce a little less of the varieties used in conventional agriculture but do not have the same need to continued and massive treatment, we use only natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost. A 40 kw photovoltaic system, the recovery of rain and water used in processing, the use of cardboard and mater-bi packaging instead of plastic allows us to impact as little as possible on the environment.