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Fortunale produces Italian sweaters in organic wool, dyed with natural pigments without chemical additives and produced in Italy by specialized artisans.

Fortunale is entirely ecological, and is inspired by the modern principles of the circular economy. A Fortunale sweater has been designed, since its origin, to be recycled at the end of its natural use. The total absence of synthetic fibers allows us to recycle a sweater up to 80%. We will be happy to accept the return of your old Fortunale in exchange for a 30% discount on a shirt from our new collection: a small incentive to appreciate our philosophy. The packaging is also completely reusable. Each sweater is shipped in a recycled cardboard box designed to be reused as a perfect container and the tag becomes an earphone holder.
By purchasing a Fortunale – the 100% natural ecological sweater – you can adopt a tree and we’ll take care of the rest because our intent is to give the Earth a Forest and each of you a friendly tree. Each tree is numbered and your tree identification number is hand embroidered on the back of your sweater by skilled craftsmen. This makes your sweater precious and exclusive.
The first 600 trees of the Fortunale Forest are pomegranates and are located in Valenzano, in the province of Bari, in a land confiscated from the mafia.