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Our farm has always been attentive to respect for nature and sustainability

The Giallombardo extra virgin olive oil is a high quality oil produced in Sicily in the Costa di Bisaccia district in Partinico, an area particularly suited for the Cerasuola cultivar. The uniqueness of our oil is given by the passion and traditional methods with which we take care of the olive groves and by the attention during the milling process. From harvesting to bottling, passing through extraction, our oil comes to life in less than 12 hours. Hence a unique aromatic outfit, inherited from the wild plants present in the soil.

We grow paulownia plants from which we produce the timber for the packaging of our bottles

The timber will soon be PEFC certified. We try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. The paulownia tree is particularly suitable for the capture of Co2. We are working towards becoming a 100% organic company. We have 4 beehives where we host the bees that provide for the pollination of our cherry trees.