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Attention and attitude towards nature and the rural world, as well as awareness of the health benefits deriving from proper nutrition and specific plant substances, have given rise to and supported the project of the Giovomel farm to date.

We grow local ecotypes of Pomegranate and then Pruni, Kiwi, raspberries, blueberries, currants and other small fruits respecting the rules of organic agriculture and the principles of environmental sustainability.

In the company laboratory the fruit is processed by packaging products that house the nutritional principles and main properties of the precious gifts of the earth. We are proud custodians of the fields and orchards as well as careful and meticulous craftsmen in the transformation laboratory: this allows us to supervise the entire production cycle and guarantee the highest quality of our products.

The company policy provides for the production and development of foods that have beneficial effects on human health, in fact in the Giovomel organic farm are mainly grown fruits such as pomegranates, raspberries, blueberries and currants that are endowed with particular health properties and for this reason they are called also “Super fruits”. Agricultural production is the basis of our project and the territory, with various microclimates and fertile soils, lends itself well to both the cultivation of pomegranate and that of berries. The varieties of the cultivated fruits have a good yield from an agronomic point of view, as they adapt perfectly to the environment of the Irpinia territory, and also both for their intrinsic characteristics and for the influence of the climate and the particular soils they develop fruits with unique organoleptic characteristics:

In the transformation phase, the quality of the fruits, which represent the raw material, is an essential starting point for our packaged products (100% Pomegranate, fruit compotes and others). This is because we minimize the ingredients used and therefore the foods obtained are closely linked to the fruits of origin whose nutritional principles and beneficial properties are preserved during processing through the following practices:

  • Reduced processing times: pomegranates, raspberries etc. they are transformed within a short time from collection.
  • Heat treatments with times and temperatures that do not alter taste and beneficial substances.
  • Packaging in glass containers.