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My name is Stefania and “Il Barattolo” online shop is my small dream and big ambition.

  • Small dream – to be able to live on something I have a passion for and can give me sense.
  • Big ambition – offer everybody the possibility to do their grocery in a different way.

Please note in Italy bulk shops are still very rare, thus this possibility is not for all (and we know there is no sustainability without equal opportunities).
Thru the shop (and our social channels) we would diffuse new habits, as we call them, “nuove abitudini sfuse”.
So, every day, we humbly try to inform and give people the opportunity to buy

  • in small plastic free reusable packs
  • in a more consciuos way
  • limiting any waste
  • to buy genuine food
  • produced by artisans
  • with respect and passion.

We would everybody could understand how much more heatly (for everybody) but, most of all, tasty is to eat “green” 😊.
Our shop is still small but is growing:

  • by September we will implement a real commerce structure and introduce more products
  • we are working on collaborations and activities to promote it.

It feels ambitious to declare oneself “Friends of the Earth”. Big responsability.
But we are ambitious and determine, and so here we are 😊