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Founded in 2011 with the intent to produce and market mushrooms, olives and seasonal vegetables, the farm “Il Sole del Sud Conserve di Sicilia” is located in a small and unspoiled center in the province of Enna where, with commitment and dedication preserves, cultivates and preserves the most characteristic “fruits” of the territory. Following the km / 0 philosophy, in the fields around the farm, it is preferred to cultivate some of the fresh aromas and part of the typical vegetables and vegetables of Enna by selecting directly, for the other raw materials, only the best farmers in the area. By applying the principle of the short chain, Il Sole del Sud, also preserves the freshness and goodness of its vegetables by committing itself, compared to the time of harvest, to transforming them into preserves in the shortest possible time. Paté and Pesto, Salted and Pickled Creams naturally gluten-free, before being pasteurized, undergo careful quality controls that guarantee a safe and ideal pH for all palates.

The total absence of coloring preservatives and artificial flavors are the guarantee of the same authenticity, naturalness and typicality of the preserves.