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I’m Matteo, a craftsman from Trentino, and in my Iris Woodwork laboratory I love to design and create design objects in natural wood.

I like to create original furnishing accessories such as wall clocks, lamps and abat-jour, but also kitchen accessories and some materials dedicated to children.

  • How I do it
    All by hand, that is 100% Handmade. Each object is made through careful processing that wants to respect and enhance the natural properties of wood.
  • What I use
    Only natural products and materials: PEFC certified solid wood and ecological finishes with low environmental impact.
  • Why do I do it
    Because I like it. I like being in contact with wood, I like working with it and I like following an expression of eco-sustainable life.
  • Who I turn to
    Who likes wood, who knows how to welcome it. One thing I love is customizing the artifact: there is nothing more rewarding than offering a unique and exclusive object.
  • Where I want to go
    I have an attraction towards experimentation: I want to offer authentic and original objects, which complete and give personality to your home.
  • How I want to get there
    Through new ideas, personalized experiences, maximum attention to detail. Only in this way can the object become an active part of one’s living environment.