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Since 1983 we have been drawing, designing and manufacturing tricycles, ride-ons, bicycles, scooters and skates in Italy.

Our payoff “Kids on wheels” summarizes our mission: at the center of every action and project is the well-being, fun and health of children, who through movement are able to grow in a balanced way in their psycho-physical qualities. An incessant work of research and development guides the growth of our catalog: each product is the perfect synthesis between design, constructive innovation and quality of materials.

As a company we have been working for years to progressively reduce the environmental impact caused by our production:

  • we constantly invest in renewing production processes;
  • 65 Kwh photovoltaic system minimizes the use of fossil energy sources;
  • since 2020 we have been working to become a “carbon neutral” company by 2030.

In the field of products, we have always created solid and safe toys, which last over time, made with recyclable materials and plastics made using at least 30% recycled polymers.
In the shipping field, our daily commitment is to completely eliminate single-use plastic by 2021 thanks to the “bravo-box” project.

We export to 50 countries offering a range of products dedicated to families, kindergartens and schools, telling our values ​​and transforming our productive efforts into knowledge and culture through our games.