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Thinkgreen is our motto because we believe that those who build today build the future.

The production cycle takes place through the finishing of materials recovered from stone processing, the drying of the product and relative absence of CO2 emissions, the use of recycled water and the reuse of processing waste: in this business context La Pietra Compattata creates floors and walls for outdoor and indoor, believing that a house born from natural stone can remain respectful of the environment and ecological balance.

Porphyry, quartz and granite are ground into an original mixture and subsequently compacted by pressing, thus creating La Pietra Compattata.

No cardboard packaging, shrink-wrapping in recycled plastic, returnable and reusable wooden pallets: our green choice continues until the installation of La Pietra Compattata.
Reducing our environmental impact is a business choice that we pursue day after day, in an eco-sustainability plan that does not stop at the production choice but that follows us all along the way.
Compacted Stone can also contribute to the achievement of the LEED® certification score of the building in which it is installed by bringing credits in these categories:

  • Site sustainability: high score in the solar reflectance test.
  • Materials and Resources: content of recycled material both in the raw materials that make up La Pietra Compattata and in the packaging materials.
  • Indoor environment quality: they are produced with inert components.