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Laboratorio Linfa is an artisan company that designs and produces design furniture, fittings, installations and art objects, using used wood and therefore not cutting down even a tree.

It proposes a short chain of circular economy, transforming the waste materials of local and private companies from problem into opportunity. All the wood, from the best preserved boards to the most worn pieces, are differentiated and sent to a specific value chain.
The use of glues, and therefore of irreversible fixing systems, is minimized; everything, even the energy consumed by the tools, goes in the direction of efficiency and minimum impact. The finishing treatments, operated with natural waxes and never toxic substances; in this way each of our works can one day be dismantled and the wood reused without fear of polluting.
Laboratorio Linfa has a strong propensity to work for public places, such as museums, parks, libraries, coworking. Through participatory planning or by supporting public administrations, displays are produced that become manifestations of cultural and environmental commitment.
Part of our creations are dedicated to children; this also to get out of not very creative compositional schemes, typical of conventional chipboard furniture.
Laboratorio Linfa also deals with graphics and communication; elaborates contents for editorial and communication preparations and products regarding sustainability issues.