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“For 11 years, I work creating works of art, “Eco-Mosaics”, made of recycled plastic: toys, custom jewelry, stationery and other objects of common use, which are often thrown away, but in my works they find a new life, raising awareness about recycle and – environmental sustainability.

But there is more to it. Mine is a ‘personal pop art” recycling is done with popular objects linked to personal memories, mass objects that everyone knows well and that they handled as children or that continue to handle in the role of parents, grandparents or simply human beings. My works are born with the explicit intention of reflecting an entire era, the era of plastic, freezing it, making it eternal in the work of art, and above all transmitting a message of sustainability for the future”.
Lady Be talks about her art not only as creative form, but as awareness to the problem of recycle. It’s a warning to the actual and future world, a world where more and more resources miss, and to survive it has to become more sustainable. A world that fights against the tendency to consumerism and waste, the accumulation of “disposable” things increasingly difficult to dispose of. The issue of recycle was a topic discussion for many years, but no one has focused on artistic recycle. Lady Be gives a new life to objects that have lost their original function, elevating them to the Art.