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Maker of Agridetersivo, Agridetergente, Agricosmetica, Agrisapone

AGRIDETERGENTI, produced by the farm LE ERBE DI BRILLOR are a line of detergents for cleaning the house: DISHES, LAUNDRY, FLOORS, DEGREASER, MULTIPURPOSE, DISHWASHER, EXCLUSIVELY MADE OF TERRAIN PRODUCTS : macerates of herbs from spontaneous growth and from organic farming certified BIOAGRICERT of the company headquarters on Lake Alice Superiore (TO), site of community importance.

Le Erbe di Brillor expresses a new concept of farm with no food production, eco compatible with low environmental impact: natural materials, geothermal, solar panels, constructed wetlands and closed water cycle, no production waste. It is the first example of a natural detergent company located in a protected area, respectful of the environment in energy sources, in production processes, in the short supply chain.