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Loliettoo® is the academic spin off of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa which, thanks to the connections of the School’s international doctoral program in Agrobiodiversity and its experts in agricultural genetics

develops and manages the first network in the world of small local agricultural communities of trust for the production of pure oils, the extraordinary raw material of Coccoon, a sustainable and multifunctional eco-cosmetic line that was born in Italy to promote a new concept of minimalist beauty, revolutionizing the world of natural cosmetics. 

Essential and transparent, Coccoon is based on a fair and linear production chain managed and controlled directly, without the interference of intermediaries. Respect the biological rhythms of nature and value human resources, developing premium quality products based on the first pure oil produced in Bali together with local farming communities: raw coconut oil. The mission is to create safe, delicate, effective products, ideal for taking care of everyone’s body, at home or on the road.
Aimed at promoting a more responsible and aware consumption, Coccoon fully satisfies the natural needs (without creating new ones) that are good for the body and spirit, giving happiness and therefore beauty. With this minimal and genuine approach, indispensable products are born, precious for the quality and abundance of pure oil, and also because they are multipurpose, long-lasting and zero waste.