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Lombrumus is a company that deals with the production of vermicompost from manure, a 100% natural fertilizer.

The company is founded on the principles of biodiversity, with the aim of directing people to sustainable and natural agriculture.
Known as earthworm humus, it is one of the best fertilizers allowed in organic farming.
The production takes place thanks to the Californian red earthworm which, in its perpetual dynamism, mixes the manure, absorbs it and through its digestion expels it rich in enzymes and nutrients for plants.
We produce two types of sizes: refined (sieving <5mm) ideal for potted plants; gardens; small vegetable gardens and seedbeds and raw (unsorted) ideal for large vegetable gardens and gardens; parks; greenhouses; open field; fruit trees; productions aimed at marketing.
The product is sold in refined 5.5kg packs; Big Bag 5ql; 10ql raw / refined and in bulk for large quantities.
We also firmly believe in information in schools and in all those who want to change for the future, with cutting-edge thinking; green and respectful.
It will be above all thanks to the actions of future generations that we can hope for a better planet.
Our final customer? all those who believe in a healthier lifestyle while respecting their health and the environment.