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Vera Luciani: Sustainable natural swimming pools and natural ponds

Vera Luciani has over twenty years of professional experience in the design and construction of natural pools, natural ponds, saltwater pools and gardens in an eco-sustainable way, thanks to natural water treatment, without the use of chemicals. Vera Luciani with her staff is a point of reference in the sector, for those who intend to enhance their green spaces while respecting nature and its delicate balance.

What is a natural swimming pool?

The natural pool is a basin of fresh water purified from aquatic plants, intended for bathing, made in an artisanal way without the use of cement or chemicals: the purification of the water is in fact entrusted exclusively to natural and mechanical systems. In the natural swimming pool, the regenerative capacity of the plants is assisted by a technical system specifically designed, by means of a system with a closed circuit system, to circulate the water from the regeneration area to the bathing area. Over time, a small ecosystem is created that integrates into the context with a view to sustainability, with a low environmental impact, according to a broader concept of well-being intended for both man and the environment. Bathing in a natural pool is a unique experience!

What do we do?

Design and construction throughout Italy and in the world of natural swimming pools, natural ponds, saltwater pools and gardens, with turnkey service for individuals, agritourism estates, spas, resorts.