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“In my small way, I believe that clothing must be something practical, rational, which day after day, accompanies us in our daily efforts, truly placing itself at the service of the needs of each of us. Craftsmanship, organic fabrics and passion, to bring a creation of man closer to what is most perfect, nature.”

I am Flavia, I am a pattern maker and clothing designer and I created my ethical organic tailoring in 2016.

I did it for myself, but above all for all the people who were looking for garments able to combine quality, both of yarns that of the finishes, to a unique and refined style, respecting one’s body, the environment and our textile fibers. Each garment is made with care at the time of the order according to the natural timing of a tailor’s shop. Ethics and sustainability are present at every stage of the packaging, so we take the right time to refine each garment to detail. My goal is to create fashion items that have a long-lasting style and longevity. Garments that can be worn always, in every season, year after year. I would like to recover the values ​​of ancient fashion, when good clothes passed from mother to daughter and the attention to quality was much higher, because the garments were sewn to last. Natural fabrics, treated with due care, resist the test of time divinely and above all do not lose their characteristics.