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The Mantenera farm was founded in 2014, guided by the desire to give a human dimension to our life. We therefore settled away from our native region, to give a second chance to an old olive grove. We firmly believe that nature should not be forced by chemical or mechanical means. That’s why all our products are grown and harvested by hand. The olive grove is located on a slope at 465m and for this reason we have chosen not to plow favoring the grassing. Our house is built in green building with low environmental impact materials and from the roofs we recover rainwater.

Our Products Mantenera extra virgin olive oil is not just an organic olive oil. It is the result of a work of conservation, tradition and innovation. The love and passion that guide us has given rise to a high quality product, internationally acclaimed. Awarded with a silver medal at BIOL Novello 2019, Biol 2020 and mention of Excellence Lucana in the regional competition Olivarum Mantenera extra virgin olive oil manages to combine taste and ecological culture.