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I’m graduated in engineering for the environment at the Catholic University of Argentina in 2003. During the one-year specialist I also attended Master at the Bicocca University of Milan (Italy). I worked as researcher for Lombardia Region into a Local Agenda 21 state of implementation, cases of excellence and “showcase” of good practices. Then I had the opportunity to work as a consultant for one of the most important Engineering Company of the world, leading with environmental aspects. 

Nowadays I’m a Senior Expert and Project Manager within a small Environmental Consulting company based in Milan.  

I have more than fifteen years of experience in project management, technical and environmental consultancy, regulatory compliance, permitting procedures, Authority relationship and characterization of hydroelectrical basin and superficial water bodies. I had also took part in environmental monitoring projects for field activities, data management and reporting. 

I’m responsible for marketing, communication and sustainability of my company.