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Max Serradifalco’s satellite photographs experiment the boundaries between travel, photography, geography and digital art. 

His artistic research began in 2011, with the Web Landscape Photography project, a virtual journey around the Earth experimenting with a new way of observing and interpreting the planet’s landscapes. He was among the first artists in the world to create photographic series, digital collages, and recently also 3D sculptures, using only satellite maps, via the web. In fact, his works are born from the use of Google Earth applications which, since 2004, allows you to explore every corner of the Earth with different perspectives. In the photographic series Earth Portrait, imagine faces through the natural forms of the earth; in The Satellite Garden, on the other hand, the rivers take the form of arborescences. These are screenshots. There is no manipulation of the photo, because the work limits itself to documenting natural forms already present on the surface of the Earth, simply “revealed” by the artist’s careful and visionary gaze. An aesthetic project, but with an ethical and environmental purpose through its focus on the greatness of nature. Hence the idea of ​​Serradifalco to found, in 2020,  Friends for the Earth, an international web community dedicated to those who, through their commitment, are contributing to the green  transition sul pianeta. His works were published in Adobe’s Behance catalog in 2015; selected for the “Samsung The Frame” project in 2017. He has exhibited in museums, foundations and art galleries in Europe. Currently his works are present in public and private collections in Europe and the United States. He is represented by Bianchi Zardin Contemporary Art from Milano.