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Meraky represents the arrival point of a journey that Emilia Paolicelli and Rosaria Marraffino began in 2015, focused on the search for new materials and product development.

Meraky works by reusing materials that have exhausted their primary function and are not usually used in the production of accessories. The values ​​and philosophy of the brand are an integral part of every project. Meraky sees things not for what they are but for what they could be, believes in the beauty and quality of craftsmanship. Like the butterfly in the logo, each material undergoes a metamorphosis before becoming something else. Each Meraky product combines ethics and aesthetics and is inspired by the principles of the circular economy.
The first “Made by Meraky” project is AROMA: a line of absolutely exceptional bags and accessories of their kind, made using a weave of coffee bags, normally destined for undifferentiated collection. Strictly by hand, the bags are cleaned, cut, folded, woven and sewn by craftsmen with twenty years of experience in the sector. The result is a unique piece: no two Meraky are alike. Each accessory is totally handcrafted, with an intertwining of coffee packaging that changes every time, creating textures that are impossible to repeat. Meraky believes in craftsmanship and know-how. It encourages curiosity, a sense of beauty and the constant search for new perspectives.