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The Spirit of Sustainability: Misadventure & Co. is the world’s first carbon negative spirit. Our vodka is also the first and only spirit made from surplus baked goods.

Many unsold baked goods that are donated to the Food Banks can’t be given to the needy due to their nutritional value and/or approaching expiration date. Instead, those goods end up being thrown away, costing these institutions money in waste hauler fees, but most importantly, decomposing in landfills and emitting massive amounts of greenhouse gases that are damaging to the environment. Our company has teamed up with the San Diego local Food Banks to rescue all kinds of excess bakery goods (breads, cakes, cookies, donuts, etc.) and we turn them into something better: a clean, smooth, gluten free vodka that has won 15 medals for its quality since 2018.

By using this excess food, instead of grain straight from a farmer, Misadventure diverts more Co2 from going to the atmosphere than it creates during alcohol production. Which means every sip of our vodka is directly part of the solution to climate change and the food waste crisis. Join our mission of sustainability and enjoy a drink! Because Saving The World Is Worth A Shot!