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I help you realize your project for a green and sustainable future. 

I’m Ilaria Rudisi, I’m in charge of looking for national and European calls and funds to help you develop or carry out your project. But not only that: I think of all the bureaucratic part. I take care of compiling the documentation to participate in the calls, developing the project and business plan and interacting with the supplying bodies.

Why Nami Evolution?

Nami means wave in Japanese. Sometimes the sea is rough, but sooner or later it calms down and often we need someone to help us steer the boat to get out of the waves. Without too much ambition, I would like to be that person. To open my business it took me three years of “what if I’m not capable?”, “What if it doesn’t work?” and I know how difficult it can be to take courage and set up your own project or how easy it is to be discouraged by bureaucracy. I also know that in this country, which appears very difficult, there are many young people with wonderful ideas who at times only need a little input. This is why I took my skills and decided to put them in what I most believe in: the need to lead towards a more sustainable and green future.

I believe very much in sustainability, I try to be sustainable in my daily life. I believe it is necessary to make an effort all together to try to preserve our planet by reducing our impact and trying to innovate with methods that reduce the consumption of resources.