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Olly is an eco-friendly lingerie brand that is working to offer women the perfect lingerie: Feminine, comfortable, and most of all eco-friendly. We want to make women feel pretty without destroying the planet!

Olly products are made of recycled lace and organic cotton certified GOTS and the dyes used are certified OEKO-TEX 100. Our factory is located in Hungary in order to reduce our carbon footprint caused by transportation and to ensure that the workers are producing Olly’s products in good conditions (Hungary is a low-risk country according to the BSCI and they respect the European working laws). The products are made in Europe as all the accessories used also comes from European countries.
Moreover, we want to upset a little the traditional fashion industry sales system and not support overconsumption. That is why we don’t do discounted prices or sales as we want to offer fair prices all year round. Thus, we only have one permanent collection and we don’t work with seasonal collections as we think that lingerie doesn’t obey seasonality trends.
Finally, we wanted to be ethical even in the shipping of our products. That is why our parcels are plastic-free and they are prepared in Paris by people who are in professional reintegration -our logistician helps them get back to professional life and employs them in the meantime.  At Olly, we cherish working with partners that share our values.