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Create green energy, from renewable sources, at zero km. An idea by Massimo Berti as simple as it is brilliant: a plug and play Micro-photovoltaic device, so connect and produce.

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An excellent solution to make energy efficiency, first of all, saving on the bill through the production of solar energy with a low cost (about 500 euros) without the need to request authorizations and to be able to support household consumption, relying on a relatively simple and efficient system. reach of all.
In Northern European countries this option is developed, but in Italy the market is still to be created despite being marketed since 2013.
The Micro-photovoltaic system with plug, or plug and play photovoltaic, consists of a photovoltaic module, including inverter, safety devices, cable and schuko plug, which can be connected directly to the user’s electrical system, using a normal domestic socket.
It can be positioned anywhere, from the roof to the balcony, complying with the moral obligation to self-produce green energy, which we all must pursue.