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The Proxima Social Gardens, are born within the programs of the Proxima Social Cooperative which since 2003 has been operating on part of the Sicilian territory in contrast to the phenomenon of trafficking and serious exploitation, with the aim of raising awareness and awareness of citizens on the burning issues related to labor exploitation.
Ours is an ambitious project aimed at stimulating the path of each beneficiary towards self-determination and active inclusion in the social fabric and at the same time redeveloping a land in complete abandonment by providing the Ragusa citizens with a place to buy products. authentically ethical.

Our production is linked to a local and seasonal cultivation: each month has a different scent and taste, waiting for nature to complete its cycle allows you to savor each product at its best.
We only use natural products, thus respecting the balance of the environment and its biodiversity.

We support a policy to combat food waste, after having collected seasonal fruits and vegetables from our gardens, we transform surpluses into preserves to give you the taste of a magical jar made with the products of our garden accompanied by the love of things done well.