Click on button to show the map. Denim, whose name derives from the founders, the Parimbelli Cousins, is the brand of the Fashion company, which was born with the spirit of offering products that derive from a sustainable supply chain, in particular denim in organic cotton.

The first real Denim product was jeans, which at first were very simple, almost without a logo. The initial goal was to understand if this type of garment could be of interest, and actually after a few years we realized that there was a good market. When the brand was born, in 2014, there was still very little awareness of the pollution caused by the fashion industry and consequently it was also very difficult to find suppliers of organic and sustainably produced fabrics.
One of the two founders, Matteo, has worked for more than 10 years in the denim business from Japan. Through this work he got to know more and more the world of denim, also discovering how much the production model, the approach to workers were not very sustainable.
Nonetheless, we have still managed to create a sustainable and shortest possible supply chain, which respects both the environment and the workers who are part of it. Obviously there is still a long way to go to reach a certain level of sustainability, so we always try to explore new possibilities that allow us to further reduce waste and pollution.