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(degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Palermo, Italy) is researcher and member of the Open Public Service Innovation unit of the R&D division at Engineering S.p.A. He is researcher, IT expert and project manager in EU and Italian research projects. He is co-author of  many proposals for Italian and EU research and innovation projects (i.e. FP7, CIP, H2020) and EIT Digital in the domains of circular economy, environmental sustainability, coastial monitoring, urban planning, innovation in the public sector of services. He also is co-author of publications about citizen engagement and ICT architecture for nature based solutions(NBS) impact assessment and monitoring.
Currently, he is involved in the UNaLab project (H2020), in the domain of nature based solutions(NBS), and in MEDFreeSUP (EIT Climate-KIC), in the domain of the circular economy and in the reduction of plastic packages. He has also been leading the European Task Force for the constitution of the “Data Management and EU NBS Knowledge Repository”.