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Pietro Todaro is an archaeo-hydrogeologist and geoengineer geologist, independent researcher. He has conducted studies as an expert for traditional underground water systems “qanat” in the Palermo plain, in the Mediterranean area and in the Algerian Sahara. Expert consultant in the improvement of traditional water techniques and in the supply of drainage tunnels. UNESCO Councilor (2011) for the “foggara” water systems in Algeria (Gourara-Touat). In the latter areas, he conducted studies and interventions to increase the drainage efficiency of foggaras for the Italian Ministry of the Environment (2002-2004). From 2016 to today he is Vice-President of SIGEA Sicily (Italian Society for Environmental Geology). Winner in 1992 of the 1st ex-aequo prize of historiography established by the Regional Province of Palermo, for his book “The subsoil of Palermo” (Palermo Metro). He has published about eighty books and scientific and popular articles, focused on the theme of the recovery, promotion and enhancement of the historical and geological heritage, in particular of the traditional underground water systems of the city of Palermo.