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In the Podere Montisi Bioagriturismo we give particular importance to the natural environment and for this we are very careful to respect it, in order to preserve it intact also for future generations.

For us, tourism is the most beautiful activity in the world, but we are aware that its impact on the environment is very strong. We try to reduce as much as possible the impact of our activity on the natural environment, asking, in this, also the collaboration of our guests.

It all starts with the journey of arrival

  • Pay attention to the amount of luggage you carry with you: light luggage allows you to consume less fuel and, therefore, to pollute the environment less.
  • Respect the highway code. By limiting your speed, you will reduce your fuel consumption and the environment will be grateful to you.

Respect nature in the organic farm
What you can do concretely for a “green” stay:

  • If you open the window, remember to turn off the heating if it does not turn off automatically.
  • Don’t change the towels every day.
  • Turn off the lights and unplug other electrical appliances that you do not need.
  • Do not let the water run from the tap for no reason.
  • Leave your shoes at the door in order to make the internal environment of the house cleaner.
  • Admire and lose yourself in the nature and beauty of the places that are given to us only on loan …