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Poggio ai Santi is an agricultural company that wants to be a model of sustainable development. 

Organic since 1995, the farm produces, in addition to olive oil, vegetables for its restaurant. Its greenhouses allow to complete the production and to host a poultry and rabbit farm. And on their roofs, 700 meters of photovoltaic panels produce most of its energy consumption.
The company hosts olive groves from different eras, all in production, fruit trees of almost disappeared varieties, aromatic herbs and honey, all integrated into the spontaneous Mediterranean scrub, juniper, myrtle, arbutus, rowan, dog rose, mastic, from which we collect the berries and edible parts.
We are part of the “Guardian Farmers” and reproduce the seeds of native varieties in danger of extinction for the seed bank. The vegetables we grow are mostly from seeds produced on the farm or locally.
The integration of the agricultural part in the areas apparently dedicated to the garden and common spaces is of decisive importance for our concept of circularity of resources and economies.