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We are a local tour company based in Puglia region, Italy. Our goal is very simple: to show you the beauty of Puglia region in the most sustainable and climate-friendly way.

Indeed, while designing our one-week guided tour of Puglia the main topic we focussed on, is a CO2-saving way of travel with the lowest environmental impact as possible. How? We sum it up in a few key words:

  • Sustainable mobility (we use only green means of transport: trains, electric mini-cars and, of course walking activities).
  • Sustainable food: we visit and support local organic farming, natural food and vegetarian and vegan shops and restaurants.
  • Plastic-free: we are committed to combatting the excessive use of plastics in our environment pursuing plastic-free policies during the guided tour.
  • Local guides & authentic experiences: you will be traveling with local guides and visit places outside the traditional tourist circuits and support local projects.
  • Eco-friendly accommodations: we support local hosts committed to a green and sustainable form of hospitality.