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Queen’s Wood World is a small world made as an artisan laboratory, synonymous with care and greater attention towards the creation of the product.

We create 100% natural products trying to meet all the needs of those who do not want to use chemical ingredients such as preservatives or antioxidants that we now find in every formulation, following the strictest standards of good manufacturing, in fact, our products are created without preservatives with self-preserving methods . Our love for the environment leads us to have 100% recyclable packaging and to create cosmetics with ecological and natural ingredients . The inci of our products are short & simple, composed according to the needs of all skin types, from normal, sensitive, mature, oily to dry.

  • NO GMOs
  • NO PERFUMES (The fragrances are obtained from essential oils)


The raw materials are chosen through a careful selection of producers and the continuous study combined with creativity, passion and research of new ingredients pushes us to create new recipes trying to satisfy everyone’s needs.
We are a small company in continuous growth, if you believe in what we do, support us too.