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Quppa provides a solution for the billion disposable cups that end on landfills every year.

Quppa’ users always have a reusable cup available at their favorite coffee bar. When they want to get a coffee, they don’t have to think about bringing their own reusable, Quppa is already there. They scan the QR-code, which links their cup to their account, afterwards they just return their cup to any bar of choice.
With Quppa, every disposable can transform in a reusable, without any extra hassle.

Quppa’s cups are made with the new Bockatech Ecocore technology. Even though they are made out of Polypropolyne, the Quppa cups are much more sustainable then their disposable alternative. The cups are made from recycled polypropylen and after their lifespan (around 30 uses), they are sent back the the manufacturer to recycle them back into Quppa cups. This way we fully close the loop at every level.