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Radius, direct-to-consumer brand of handcrafted, customizable and sustainable eyewear

After the success of the first collection of eyewear made in Italy in 100% biodegradable cellulose acetate, launches in a limited edition for summer 2021 a new collection in completely nylon recycled, Econyl, derived from the recovery of fishing nets, old carpets, pieces of fabric and industrial waste which allows to reduce by 90% its impact on the global warming potential compared to the common nylon produced by oil refining. All the glasses in this collection are fitted with Carl Zeiss Vision polarized lenses, the best solution to protect the eyes not only from direct light but also from the glare of the sun’s rays on reflective surfaces, such as that of the sea. The new collection, purchased online and in the Milan store, it will also have a positive impact on the climate. Radius has in fact estimated the CO2 emissions generated during all production steps (2kg of CO2 per eyewear) and has more than offset these emissions, financing for each eyewear produced the planting of a mangrove tree as part of the Vilamatsa Mangrove Site project, which aims to reforest the west coast of Madagascar. The annual CO2 absorption capacity of a single tree is 12.3kg of CO2: in just one year, Radius will therefore offset more than six times the CO2 emissions estimated for the production of eyewear.