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Re.Lab – Project is a sustainable fashion project that combines the garments we wear with the values ​​we believe in. 

Through the circular and sustainable practice, the recovered clothes are transformed, by means of a creative intervention, into articles of clothing that can be re-marketed with the advantage of not having to draw on new resources. Women’s and men’s clothes are deprived of any gender reference to make them unisex, thus breaking down gender barriers. Through the practice of upcycling, the dress is enriched not only with a renewed aesthetic value, but also with semantic, conceptual and moral dimensions that it did not previously have. Thanks to the intervention of technology and the use of QR-Codes, garments become the vehicle to communicate attention to the environment, the climate emergency, the need to reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption. If you also share our values, join the project and support us in transforming fashion into a tool in defense of the environment.