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RE49 Shoes is a contemporary brand of Premium Casual Chic footwear made in a circular economy through RECYCLE and UPCYCLE of materials destined for destruction, storage or excess production. 

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It aims to reuse materials already produced for all stages of production by implementing a circular economy policy, cruelty free, and demonstrable through traceability in the Blockchain.
It’s artisan tradition, creativity, made in Italy, digitization and sustainability.
It’s also technology applied to fashion through the proprietary blockchain tracking system.
It’s the depositary of a patent for the production of the upper in spinnaker sail.

The idea in a story: REturn to 1949

«In the 1930s my great-grandfather started a small production of shoes using abandoned military clothes. His first shoes were in fact slippers and slippers made with “industrial waste”. After the second war, the production became more intense and always through the use of the materials of the soldiers abandoned in the many barracks of the time, the great-grandfather created the first shoes. The first Masolini company was born in 1949 ”.