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We believe that there is no more time and nothing to wait for. Everyone of us should do their part to REDUCE the footprint and save our planet.

We also believe that the planet doesn’t need us, we need a healthy planet for our species to survive. Our planet has been here long before us and will continue to exist after us. No let’s do us a favor, stop ignoring that we are destroying it.

What are we doing?

  • We have broken down every phase of the production process by radically reorganizing it and introducing innovative and natural products instead of chemical and harmful ones. In this way we are able to produce clothing that is beautiful to wear and has a low environmental impact.
  • The choice to use only Highest Quality Organic Cotton Denim Gots and BCI Certified by the Italian manufacturer Candiani. The Greenest Denim Mill in the Blue World is the first rule we are proud to follow for our brand.
  • The fabrics we use for our collections are unique in their kind, coming from the Italian denim leader Candiani, produced with a patented Kitotex® and Save The Water® technology exclusively for Candiani. This technology drastically reduces the consumption of water by 50%, chemicals by 70% and energy (CO2) by 30% in the fabric production process.
  • Eliminating the use of harmful chemicals from washing treatments and using only the latest generation natural products to achieve the beautiful looks you love and want to wear.
  • Saving over 50% of water and using over 70% of solar energy in our facilities.
  • We pack the garments using recycled and certified yarns from recycled plastic to sew each of our jeans.