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Breathing new life into unwanted material, the Regenesi portfolio boasts of elegant transformation from rejection to desire.

We transform the remnants of a consumeristic society into fashion accessories and home and office design object of exceptional quality, timeless style and genuine aesthetic value.
Founded in 2008 by Maria Silvia Pazzi, Regenesi instantly made waves by being the first brand to invest totally in the concept of sustainable lifestyle, a Post Consumer Luxury with 100% style, 100% regenerated and 100%made in Italy. We see no dichotomy between eco-sustainability and beauty. Aluminum, leather, plastic, cardboard and rubber; raw materials regenerated with novel processing techniques that ensure quality standards identical to those of virgin raw materials –  to which is given a second chance to be better. Our every single object, carefully made by hand by skilled Italian craftsmen, is produced using 100% recycled materials with full respect for man and the environment. To make the world a better, more beautiful place.